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When it comes to online shopping on Alibaba from the India, Parcelment (formerly is the Best Alibaba Agent in USA for optimizing your shopping experience.

Here’s how Parclemant makes your online shopping in China fast, convenient, and secure.

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1. You Can Buy from 

We order your chosen products and have them delivered to our warehouse in China where we assemble all your orders. We make sure all instructions and specifications are clear before buying, and communicate them effectively to sellers.

2.  Product Inspection

Once we receive your order in our warehouse, our team will inspect each product carefully to make sure you get the right product, following your specifications. If our quality team suspects nonconforming or defective products, we will inform you immediately and provide you with photos, free of charge.

  1. PayPal, bank transfer, Western Union and MoneyGram

We offer variety of payment methods for your convenience. You can choose from PayPal, Western Union, bank transfer, and MoneyGram.

You may choose PayPal for fast, convenient, and secure payments. Using PayPal, you can easily pay with your bank card, and we can instantly confirm your payment and process your order. Moreover, it has buyer protection to make you more confident in shopping.

  1. Combine orders and save on shipping fees

You can combine orders from different marketplaces and vendors. You can save on international shipping, as the first half-kilo is costlier than the following halves. What’s more, we can add protection to your product like bubble wrap, as well as remove shoe boxes and packaging, without any additional charge. If you have specific instruction about your parcel declaration, you can simply inform us anytime.

  1. We Ship to Your Address in the USA, Using Our Recommended Shipping Methods!
Shipping Methods to USA

Delivery Time


DHL 3 to 7 Working Days DHL offers us discounts so you can save more on shipping with us to America.
FedEx 3 to 7 Working Days Like DHL, FedEx delivers fast and commendable service.
SF Express 3 to 7 Working Days SF Express is like the DHL of China, which offers low-cost express shipping service to the USA.
EMS 7 to 10 Working Days EMS is a cheaper option to ship to America, and cost is based on actual weight only.
ePacket 7 to 14 Working Days ePacket is ideal for small parcels up to 2 KG.

We recommend the above shipping methods for their reliable service, and these methods have tracking system so you can track your shipment and check delivery status. To track your shipment, we will send you the shipping details and tracking number.

Moreover, our shipping partners offer us discounted rates because of our volume of transactions with them, so you can benefit with us from lower shipping cost. But if you have a preference for another method, let us know and we can accommodate your request in shipping your orders.

6.  Special Services

  • Product Sample. We help you obtain product samples, collect and consolidate them into one package so you can save rather than shipping individually.
  • Product Audit. Our QC team will examine and test the product, make one-page report with actual photo/video.
  • Product Sourcing. Send us the product that you want, and we provide 2-3 verified factories for the product.
  • Factory Audit. We will visit Factory within Guangdong or anywhere within China and undertake factory audit covering:
    • Observation of the production area with documentation
    • Quality management system
    • Check product quality
    • Check basic financial information, factory license, and certifications
  • Custom Product. We work closely with manufacturer to produce your custom product conforming to your specification. We help you achieve success in your special order.

 7.  24/7 Customer Support

Our Customer Service Team is available round the clock to support you and help expedite your order fulfillment. We always aim to give our best service to all our customers.

With Parcelment, you can just sit back and relax while we do everything for you. This is how Parcelment optimizes your shopping experience! Shop in Alibaba  from USA now with your Best Alibaba Agent in USA.

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