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For a retail business, effective product sourcing is crucial to the success of your business. It is time-consuming and may seem overwhelming for a business owner. But the key strategy is really simple, and that is finding products at wholesale prices to resell them at retail prices. There are many online sources where small businesses can buy wholesale goods; b2b platforms like Alibaba, Global Sources, Made in China are popular among international buyers. However, importing goods from China also comes with risks: scams, poor quality, defective units, product not as described, late delivery, etc. Also shipping is a major cost component you need to pay attention to when buying from an international market. What seems to be an ideal way to support your business strategy can cause you a lot of hassle, time, and money. Thus, you may consider ways you can ensure that you are not far behind success. One way is to use parcelmentCHINA PACKAGE FORWARDING.

China Package Forwarding - Parcelment

What is China Package Forwarding?

China Package Forwarding is a service which Parcelment offers to international buyers whereby goods are collected, checked, consolidated in china address assigned to a member, and once ready for shipping, Parcelment handles the shipment and all export process in China. Thus, a member using Parcelment China Package Forwarding Service entitles one the privilege to use chinese address where he/she can send his/her purchases. A member will be provided free 1 square meter of space where goods are safely stored. This is ideal especially when you are buying multiple products from different suppliers in China, and you need Parcelment China Package Forwarding to combine all your goods in one package/cargo.

How can I benefit in using China Package Forwarding?

Save up to 70% in Package Consolidation!
Package consolidation can help you save up to 70%, rather than shipping orders individually for each supplier to your designated address overseas.

Discounted Shipping Rates!
Due to the volume of transactions we have with our shipping partners, you can save with Parcelment China Package Forwarding from discounted shipping fee. Moreover, you can benefit from lower rates when you ship with over 20 KG as Parcelment cut 20% OFF from the total shipping fee.

More Shipping Options!
Parcelment offers various shipping methods to ship your goods overseas such as DHL, SF Express, FedEx, Aramex, EMS, SGEMS, TT Express, STO Express, ePacket, HK Post, GZ Post, China Airmail, Holland Airmail, etc. Using express shipping expedites your delivery in 3 to 7 business days. You also have the option to choose slow mail or economy shipping lines. Moreover, freight shipping (air, sea) is also a welcome method for you to ship large shipments.

More Inclusive Services: Inspection, Free Photos
And of course, you can further benefit from Parcelment Package Forwarding through more inclusive services without extra costs! Our quality assurance team shall screen each product to ensure it is in good condition, and it conforms to your specifications. As per request, our team will send you photos (free for first 5 photos) for items that arrive in the address. Parcelment processing centers are strategically located at Guangzhou City in Guangdong Province, which is the biggest manufacturing hub in China.

How much will it cost me to use China Package Forwarding?
Our service fee is 10% of the shipping fee. There is no membership fee; only an initial deposit of 500 USD is required in order to use Parcelment China Package Forwarding. The deposit will be subsequently applied against your bill charges. Parcelment China Package Forwarding accepts payments by TT or Western Union.

To recap, with the 10% service fee, you will be assigned a chinese address where your goods are collected, stored, and combined, and it comes with free inspection service, free photos, and of course shipping services.

How does China Package Forwarding Process work?

1. Register new account at to be a member.
2. Pay initial deposit of 50 USD. Then you will be assigned a chinese address.
3. We receive your goods, undertake inspection, and we update you with regards every status.
4. Your goods are safely stored, until you decide to have them shipped.
5. We complete consolidation: combine, pack, weigh the parcel.
6. We send the invoice. Once payment is complete, we then arrange your shipment. We will send you the shipping details and tracking number so you can follow the shipment.

If you need assistance, you can always contact our customer service team via live chat service or email [email protected] to respond to your queries, and guide you through China Package Forwarding process.

Importing in China is easier now than it ever has been with Parcelment China Package Forwarding. Enjoy the benefits of China Package Forwarding Service now!