Customs: Exporter Responsibility

Parcelment guarantees clearance at Chinese Customs, and ensures compliance with all laws and regulations in China to ensure the good(s) can be lawfully exported from China.

Importer Responsibility

The Importer or recipient of international shipment must comply to all laws and regulations of the destination Country or State. In line with this, the importer is responsible in ensuring that the good(s) can be lawfully imported to the destination Country.

1. The Importer is responsible for the goods when they pass through Customs in the destination Country.

It is buyer’s responsibility to know in advance if the goods are permissible to import in the destination Country and the corresponding clearance requirements, taxes, policies, etc.which apply.

2. The Importer is responsible for any additional fees that may be charged in the destination Country. Import duties and taxes, determined by the classification of a good, may be levied on the good(s) in accordance with each local Customs policies. Such additional fees do not form part of the price of our service, product cost, and shipping fee.

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