Alibaba Agent – Making Your Alibaba Wholesale Buying Secure

Alibaba Wholesale can be a great tool in making your business grow and succeed. It is a business-to-business (b2b) platform which aims to connect millions of suppliers and buyers around the world. It is a great venue for merchandising concern businesses to buy wholesale products and sell them at retail prices, which is without doubt a proven and tested solid business model for small businesses.

Now, you may wonder if Alibaba is safe. You may have heard of fraud scandal about Alibaba Gold Supplier Scheme where some members of Alibaba sales team were said to be getting kickbacks from suppliers to skip the verification process. Of course, Alibaba has taken serious steps to make sure this will not happen again.

As a buyer, you must be cautious in choosing your suppliers and in transacting with them, especially when it comes to working with your new suppliers. Select from gold and verified suppliers, but make an effort also to check supplier’s reputation, reliability, experience, etc. There are useful information that you can find in on how to be protected. You can also engage the services of a third-party to do independent verification for you. Once you have chosen your supplier, be sure to communicate in detail your product specifications and quality expectations so you won’t end up getting goods which are below your standard.

There is also another way you can do your sourcing safely and worry-free which is by using the services of Alibaba Purchasing Agents. These agents are very experienced in sourcing and dealing with suppliers in They also provide international logistics support to help you arrange your shipment from China. In other words, they make the whole process easy and secure for you.

Using the Service of Alibaba Agent
Alibaba Agent is a trusted and reliable Alibaba Purchasing Agent to help you in sourcing products at and to facilitate successful importation of goods from China. By using Alibaba Agent, you can take advantage of the following services:

Basic Services:

  • Buying Service. Choose the products that you want to buy at, and let Alibaba Agent purchase them for you.
  • Inspection Service. Alibaba Agent Quality Assurance Team inspects each of your products carefully to make sure they are in good condition and they conform with all your specifications.
  • Consolidation Service. Alibaba Agent consolidates all your orders in one cargo/shipment.
  • Global Logistics Support. Alibaba Agent arranges your shipment from Chinese port to your designated address via your chosen shipping method (air express, air freight, sea freight).

Special Services:

  • Product Sample. Alibaba Agent helps you obtain product samples, consolidate and ship them to your address.
  • Product Audit.  Alibaba Agent examines and tests the product thoroughly, and sends you one-page report with actual photo/video.
  • Product Sourcing. Send your product specifications and Alibaba Agent will provide you 2 to 3 verified factories in China which manufacture the product.
  • Factory Audit. Alibaba Agent shall visit and audit the Factory in China, and shall send you a report covering basic financial information, licenses, certifications, compliances, quality system, production, products, facilities, etc.
  • Custom Product. Alibaba Agent works closely with the manufacturer to make sure your custom product will meet your specifications and quality expectations.

For easy payments, Alibaba Agent accepts Paypal, as well as other international payment methods like bank transfer, Western Union, and MoneyGram. If you need the services of a reliable Alibaba Purchasing Agent, you can contact Alibaba Agent now by live chat at, e-mail [email protected], or whatsapp +8618871488894.

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