Tips for a Successful Alibaba Sourcing has a list of thousands of suppliers you can outsource from, and finding the best supplier can take a lot of your time. But do you know that has a feature where suppliers can quickly find you and offer their products to you? Yes, you can submit a Request for Quotation or RFQ on this popular online platform. RFQ is a free service that allows you to post Buying Requests easily and get quotations quickly. Here is how you do a successful Alibaba sourcing:

Alibaba Sourcing

  • Submit Request For Quotation. Provide the information about the product that you need, price, quantity, shipping terms, and payment terms. You can also upload photos of your desired product for reference and detail if any the necessary customizations that you need.

  • Choose the Right Supplier. After submitting your RFQ, your request will be subject for review by’s industry expert; and once approved, it becomes visible to thousands of Gold Suppliers. Then you will get instant responses and quotations from suppliers.
  • Organize Supplier’s Responses. Once you receive supplier’s quotations, create a list of qualified suppliers, compare their quotations, and do further digging.
  • Contact Suppliers. Contact the suppliers from your list, and screen them.
  • Ask for Samples. Ask for product samples to avoid getting unexpected products. Getting samples give you an idea about the materials used, the quality, and capability of the supplier.
  • Place your Order. After you have satisfied yourself with all the information and you have chosen your supplier, it’s now time to place your order!

Using China Buying Agents Service
Another convenient way of placing an order at is by using the service of China Buying Agents. With these agents’ experience and expertise in negotiating with Chinese Suppliers, you are assured that you will receive the right items you need for your business.

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